Absence+heart=increased fondness

Again, a ridiculous delay between increasingly strange posts, I hear you cry!

But be not afraid, for this week I have some strange and perhaps inspiring pieces of information, photos, and car-related news.

First up: a selection of odd sights spotted in and around London over these last weeks.

This, i believe, is a Lynx Eventer. Like a latter day Reliant Scimitar GTe it’s essentially a mutant Jag XJS from the late 1980’s, with a boot. A strange and slightly ungainly shape, this nevertheless gets a shout for being both a hideous plum colour and a rare sight.


Kia Soul – Due to premiere at the forthcoming Geneva show, this is an urban vehicle which, according to Kia, ‘will introduce a world of possibilities for customising and personalisation to future Kia customers’. Sounds like the brief we had for the Rebel! Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh..


Knight Rider 2008 – Harald Belker re-designs Kitt
Last Sunday NBC aired the new series of Knight-Rider, which, if you’re over 25, will have been a part of your American TV life, along with the A-team and the Dukes of Hazard. It introduced the world to The Hoff…but this time I don’t even know the guy playing Michael Knight. Anyhow, Kitt has been brought bang up to date, sort-of, by using the retro-inspired Ford Mustang, redesigned by Harald Belker.

Belker has a great personal website here, and a bunch of interesting instructional rendering DVD’s that were cough..shared extensively at University.

And here’s the new Kitt:


VJ – Apocalypse now vs. Winnie the Pooh……Sounds wrong but works right.Temporarily at the Hayward gallery on London’s South-bank, this inspired installation merged Marlon Brando’s scary speech from the final scene of Apocalypse Now with an innocent yellow bear. Menacing.


Bikes I Likes, part6(ish)

Spotted this beast in an East London showroom recently: the pic doesn’t do it justice, but it was Huuuge. Looked like it was Paris-Dakar ready.


Whereas this badboy i doubt could make it over a roadside kerb…nice paint tho’


StolenSpace Gallery – Brick Lane

Selection of Pete Fowler’s latest original artworks:



Finally, a ‘lush’ piece of street-art. I’m sure this has been around for ever, but i’ve missed it, until now. Like a Manga explosion, this stretches a good 30-40ft up at the end of a series of terraced buildings in Hoxton Square. I couldn’t see any tag but whoever did it is ‘on it’…




  1. Drewboy · February 20, 2008

    Ah, the good ol’ Lynx Eventer. A car that I personally have hankered after for years (I have a special relationship with mutant barges…Volvo 262C anyone?

    Nyhoo,back to the story: The Eventer’s rear hatch was donated by some piece of shite 70’s Renault metal, perhaps a 5 or a 16, and almost always rusted out quicker than the rest of the thing turning it, eventually into a kind of Jaguarmino…

    The Eventer also appeared in an early 80’s british tv comedy staring Peneloe Keith as a builder. The comination of posh totty, a builders hat and a Jag estate drove my father insane with desire…

  2. The Face · February 21, 2008

    No accounting for taste đŸ˜‰ I’d possibly be tempted by a BRG with XJS 5-spokes.

    Your reference to your Italo-Swedish barge makes me think it’s time for a top-ten list of cool cars we’ve forgotten…any other contenders? (Apart from the 164 and CX, natch)

  3. Drewboy · February 23, 2008

    Vauxhall Carlton Royale Coupe? (with cheese…) Preferably with deep-pile velour seats in moss green

  4. Carolineup · March 27, 2008

    thanks much, guy

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