RiverSimple RASA

I’ve been following RiverSimple for a while now, from their crowd-funding days to the launch, yesterday, of the culmination of all their development work. The Rasa is a lightweight, compact Hydrogen fuel-cell powered car. Bearing a passing resemblance to the Volkswagen XL1, Rasa represents a possible future personal-mobility scenario…

“We set out with a blank slate, to design a car for the world in which we now live, shaped by the best technology available to us and answerable to our most pressing concerns. We set out to build a local car that will take people on their local journeys, in the way that they wish to travel, at a cost that is affordable – and without leaving a heavy footprint of air pollution and environmental degradation. To do this we selected a still evolving, but incredibly promising and safe technology. This is hydrogen fuel cell technology.”

Watch this space for an interview with RiverSimple’s Director.


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