I stumbled across Lapin’s work a year or so ago, when I saw a blog post about ‘Oldies but Goldies’, an homage to the varied automotive beasts on the streets of europe and beyond. I bought the book, and was hooked. Now on his site there are some new additions; a fantastic selection of historic rally cars from the “best of the alpes”, which starts in Megève (France) and sees the finish line in Lech (Austria). The route crosses through Switzerland, Italy and Germany..

14376807320_9f8393fae3_z 14563494675_b6269e5733_z 14570449073_29548d2176_z 14376898509_77f8afef04_z

Love his style; fluid, and not afraid of an enhanced perspective, they really capture the character of each car. I don’t know how much post-production goes into these illustrations but he has an incredibly fluid style and a real economy of line, which is something that’s very difficult to do. Salute Lapin!

14376862478_df30eaac3c_z 14376862558_763d02bbea_z


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