Naked GT86

So this car has been shown for a while now, ahead of its April release in Japan. An affordable back-to-basics sports-car and a joint effort between Subaru and Toyota, the GT86 is a return to a more minimalistic approach to sports-cars, something Mazda did so well with the MX-5.

The Japanese market love a tuneable car. And that means that the buyer who wants to tune their car wants to spend as little as possible buying the basic shell so the rest of the cash can go on the ‘cool’ bits.

Behold…the RC version. How cool is this?

Stripped bare, this thing is the rawest and purest expression of the original concept of the car. We’re talking un-painted bumpers front+rear..

..which if someone had described them to me I’d be unconvinced, but seeing them on this car I like them.

..Steel wheels..

And no radio..or even speakers.  And yep, those are vinyl seats. You too could relive those bare-leg/ hot-vinyl seat moments from the ’70’s…

I’d be tempted to leave this exactly as it is here. Keep the weight down, keep things simple.

And the best bit? In Japan this version sells for £16K.



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