Winter in Detroit

Detroit NAIAS rocks around once again. I can only look on in winter-wonderment at the array of tasty concepts that are gradually being launched over the other side of the pond..

Looks like some of the more savvy OEM’s are slowly waking up to the idea of a small sporty B-segment car to tempt the ‘Next-Gen’ demographic. First were Toyota and Subaru with their rear-drive GT86/BRZ a few weeks back…

Now GM are getting in on the act with their snappily-named Code130R and Tru140S; two quite different interpretations of a similar brief. Compact sports cars designed to appeal to the under 30’s for around $20K.

The 130 is unashamedly retro with a long hood, soft surfacing and almost curvaceous lines. It brings to mind the shooting-brakes of the ’70’s. Aviators and string-back driving gloves required…

Looooong wheelbase makes for an unusual stance..

The opposite to the 130 which is much more PS3-generation, angular and edgy.

Clever curvature of the roof surfaces gives the 130 a large-car proportion..

Acura/Honda’s NSX, although ‘only’ a concept, finally shows a way back for Honda from the straight-laced mainstream that it does so well to the heady days of the original NSX (one day you will be mine!)…


…when it was widely praised as the ultimate useable supercar. Interesting Hybrid powertrain has to be the way forward; electric motors regenrated by a small high-revving V6. Sounds pretty much perfect to me.

The only fly in the ointment is the slightly OTT frontal styling on the concept. It’s a trait shared with the equally-stunning Lexus LF-LC Concept. Another refined and sophisticated design…

..spoilt by a face that shouts ‘Look at me!’.

I blame Audi for this ‘obscene grille’ trend…



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  1. pozycjonowanie warszawa · January 26, 2012

    Rattling nice design and style and superb subject matter, nothing at all else we require : D.

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