Suzuki Regina

Yeah, it’s an ‘unusual’ name, but this little concept from Suzuki, to be shown at next month’s Tokyo motorshow, is nicely eccentric and individual.

Featuring an unashamedly retro-inspired exterior with some nice aerodynamic touches, for some reason it reminds me of the old Citroen Ami;

Featuring a frankly OTT HMI tablet on the centre-console and some natty pixel-patterned fabric, the interior looks an airy and relaxed place to be.

Suzuki doesn’t really have any design or brand identity, beyond the little off-roaders still doing the rounds in Greek islands as rental-cars. It would be refreshing to see this in production form in a couple of years. Just change the name Suzuki!


One comment

  1. stkhaus · November 10, 2011

    You’ve got to love the fact that the japanese always take inspiration from european nostalgia and turn it into something unique and of their own. (including the name – got to love them). I like what they have done here, however, I still think your observation of the Ami stands – that it a classic ahead of its time – and I would love to see a european redesign with modern materials that reflect what they were trying to do. The interior of the Regina heads in that direction – par the tablet.


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