Peugeot…Fallen from the heady heights of the legendary 205, the last 10 years have been tough for those who loved Le Sacre Numero. Pretty dull cars missing any joie de vivre. Recently though, there have been some interesting developments. Mainly focused around concept cars, which, it has to be said, they’ve always done pretty well. But a definite new progressive design language became evident, most clearly on the SR-1 concept from Paris 2010, under Jean-Pierre Ploué and Gilles Vidal’s guidance;

followed by the funky HR-1;

And now the production 208…


There’s a lot of positives under the skin; serious weight reduction, new powertrains etc. To these eyes it looks like the kind of car you need a little time to take in – there’s a lot going on with the exterior surfaces. The interior could win and lose a few sales; definitely bold enough to either love or hate. I like it, but possibly it’s a simpler place to be on lower-spec models without the screen dumped on the centre-stack. Steering wheel looks fantastic though. It certainly moves further away from the simplicity of the 205, but there’s some premium touches that help the company continue its march into premium territory….’cos let’s face it – the Koreans are coming!




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