Nori Yaro

Came across this site dedicated to the art of Japanese drifting. Which basically entails driving sideways for as long as possible, in a lowered and tuned car; ideally Japanese.

Now, as with most things in life, this can either be done poorly (Fast and the Furious anyone?), or tastefully, as shown here. Props to the site author Alexi Smith, who clearly is deeply into the scene, and also has an eye for a great photo. Here’s some slammed stuff that caught my eye…

I’m liking the fact that there’s some nice 80’s metal here, with the budget focused on the drifting hardware; engine, suspension, wheels and tyres…rather than dubious paint-jobs and lairy bodykits..

Probably a ‘fairly firm ride’ on this one, but those fender-mounted mirrors are great.

And my favourite..there’s a lot going on with this little beast. All of it good.


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