RangeRover Evoque

Have a Range-Rover Evoque for the evening. And not just any old Evoque, but the top-banana SD4 version, which, if you’re a car-geek means it’s the top-spec £50K version. Full-length panoramic roof, split-screen display, active suspension etc.

And this spec is what hits you first. To someone accustomed to an analogue driving experience it’s quite an overwhelming place to be. There’s a lot to distract you in here.

From Sport mode, which tweaks the ECU, steering, and suspension to respond to your driving style, to the proximity cameras that give an almost endless supply of moving images as you’re driving, the real effort to driving this car is keeping your eyes on the road. I found the ‘kerbside’ camera view fascinating..personally..I mean, to have on the screen real-time video of the side of the road flashing by as you drive is, honestly, ridiculous, but it’s strangely mesmerising.

When you do keep your eyes on the road, ignore the electronics, and concentrate on driving you’ll discover a car that’s effortlessly quick, pretty quiet, and generally a special place to spend time. It certainly attracts other driver’s attention. Only an occasionally choppy ride and a slightly numb steering feel spoil the experience.  But there’s no doubt that LandRover have delivered on a faithful reproduction of the LRX concept that really provokes a reaction, one that’s usually positive. Whether it’s worth £50K is debatable, in terms of the hardware, but it manages to be one of the very few cars on the road today that gets people talking about, pointing at, and wanting it. People were literally stopping their cars at the side of the road and following this car to get a closer look. Insane. I just hope it’s still there in the morning…



  1. Ricky · September 28, 2011

    That’s a sexy machine!

    • The Face · September 28, 2011

      The car to get if you want to get noticed..! The 3-dr looks sleeker IMO

  2. erin deighton · September 29, 2011

    Face, what you doing with this looker? Awesome wheels, and I want to know-all about it! Tell me more

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