The Milky Way part2

The Milk fixie is born….

Mark at Milk Bikes has been crazy busy sorting out the three Milk bikes for the Bespoked Bike Show in Bristol this weekend. We’ve worked on the colour schemes, component mix, and graphics for the fixie and I’m pleased to report that it’s looking pretty damn good.

Frames shipped a little late but arrived yesterday pm. I had last night to put some graphics directly on the frame before components get fixed tomorrow and the logo decals arrive for Friday. Check the extended seat-post:

Original plan was to spread the graphics over the entire frame, but it looked better to just focus around the crossbar and seatpost zones, which is where the most interesting geometry of the bike is …

I tapered the graphic so that where it meets the logo towards the headset it should blend in quite nicely..fingers crossed!

The fixie’s called Bullit, so I looked at a couple of alternatives for a frame decal…One idea had bullet holes over the name Bullit and the bull…but a) it was getting full of cliches and b)a dead bull isn’t a great sales proposition… so we settled on this simpler version with the ice-blue highlight, which is also on the belt drive and possibly handlebars. Gives it a little freshness.

Ali at Morpheus supplied the decals – big thanks for last-minute help!

So roll-on saturday, can’t wait to see the finished bike! I’ll have the bike for a little while after the show and I’ll take some suitably arty/moody shots for the blog.


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