The Milky Way part1

A while back I restored an old-skool ’80’s racer I bought on ebay. £100.

I didn’t have a fortune to spend on fancy components, but after splashing on some half-decent rims,  I wanted to see what I could do with frame graphics. So while I looked into decals under lacquer, vinyl prints, and other possibilities, I also looked at a simpler solution –  paint directly on to the frame, by hand.

Started with some graphics…this was originally a random pattern that morphed into something approaching a city-scape…

Translated to steel frame via a Sharpie pen…

And yeah, that whole tubular-frame thing is a tricksy customer to draw on…equally as tricky to design a decal-skin that fits the frame perfectly…

But on the whole I was liking the results…

And there’s a second part to the story, where I’ve teamed up with bespoke bike-makers Milk Bikes to design a frame graphic and work on a one-off custom fixie frame in the near future.

Will post Milk Bikes graphics next time, but in the meantime check out here.


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