Mumbai madness

View from Mumbai racecourse.

1000Rupees on Easy Rider in the 3.15. Came 6th.

Chowpatty beach around sunset…tastiest street food ever. Ok, the water’s stinky, but the views are stunning.

Once the sun goes down there’s a cool fairground that starts up. Most of the rides are human-powered..

This guy was master of the pirate-ship ride…he rocked some wicked moves in between pushing 15 people…his pal was pretty good but couldn’t reach the same height..

Tata Nano with a few battle scars from Mumbai rush-hour. Hardly saw any of these in the city. Mostly Japanese and Indian Maruti-Suzukis, and thousands of taxis (Padminis, based on an old Fiat..) that seem to be held together with string, and appeared to be about 3/4 of the size of a normal car..





Despite the Mumbai traffic appearing to be completely out of control, it seems to flow pretty well with everyone continually on the horn. Near misses are continual but luckily the traffic’s going so slowly in the city that if an accident happens it’s unlikely to be serious.

Down to Kerala

On the backwater cruise..

Finished off in Ko-Chi, a colonial fort town

Super-slick ride…note; no lock.

Liked the look of this cheeky-cow;


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