The lighter side of VW

Volkswagen have shown an interesting, almost outlandish concept in the shape of the mouthful that is; the Race Touareg 3 Quatar Concept.

What makes this of more than passing interest is the fact that VW points out it’s a road-legal production possibility.  Judging by the integration of the grille and lighting, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine this VW cruising the streets of Abu-Dhabi.

But could VW’s immaculately honed brand image cope with this being sold alongside Passats and Polos in Europe? Unfortunately, I doubt it, despite the relatively green diesel powerplant. VW’s image is sensible, prudent, perhaps even a little cautious…despite its history being littered with eccentricities like the 411, Caravelle, and of course, Golf GTi.

However, there may be a way around this commercial quandry VW; stick an Audi badge on the front, apply the Quattro decals along the side, and you just might have a success on your hands.


One comment

  1. Jonathan Fisk · February 25, 2011

    They could always put a Porsche badge on and call it a Cayenne GT3, or maybe come up with some bullish name and make it a Lambo. Badge-engineering gone wild!

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