Old vs New – How to do it…

Mercedes-Benz tried it, You could say Porsche have been trying it on for years; re-creating an iconic design from their own history and re-interpreting it in a contemporary way.

Mercedes attempt with the SLS is an imposing-looking car, with stunning performance and definite presence. And, to be fair, they kept the gullwing doors and incredibly wide planted stance of the original SL. Unfortunately, years of excess have taken their toll (it happens to us all…) and the SLS has gained weight, about 400kg, and lost its lithe curves in favour of a more blunt aesthetic.

By contrast, the new Lancia Stratos, or New Stratos as it’s known, is slimline. And light, gaining only 200kg over the original. It’s also geared for maximum acceleration rather than a stratospheric top-speed. And while clearly sharing DNA with the original Lancia rally car from the ’70’s, there are enough beautifully-resolved details to make it look far more contemporary then you’d think.

It’s a serious piece of kit, commissioned by an businessman/avid car-collector who happens to own and race an original Lancia Stratos. And who has plenty of cash.

The constructors had the luxury of building this as a bespoke one-off rather than a production car.  Still, it’s one of the very few remakes that I think manages to at least equal the purity of the original but advance the design language. Ford’s GT came close though was more carbon-copy than re-interpretation;

Here’s how it’s done..


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