Citroen Metroplois

Designed by Citroen’s new Shanghai studio, the Metropolis is aimed squarely at China’s Elite, who have a taste for space and luxury, if not taste… It sits a little oddly with the current Western mantra of ‘tread lightly’ but this is a too-lucrative market for OEM’s to ignore, and Citroen are a big player in China. The company deftly sidestep the extravagance of this 5.3m car by installing an electric/petrol hybrid with ultra-low emission of 70g/km.

While it could hardly be called pretty the Metropolis has definite presence, surely enough to scatter bicycles from its path through the streets of Beijing;



  1. the tarantulas · April 23, 2010

    Tread lightly..with a big stick ! Feels futuristic – makes me want to chase down replicants while this ad plays 2 storeys high in the background !

  2. carolweathers · July 9, 2010

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