Darth’s RS

A few months ago at Ford’s Euro tech-centre in Koln, there was a matt-black Focus RS sitting menacingly outside the main entrance. A few discreet enquiries told me that Martin Smith was championing this hyper-RS which at the time might, or might not, make limited production. Fast-forward to today, and Ford are releasing official pics and a press-release (intriguingly dated dated Wed March 31st…) ahead of its ‘official’ launch on April 9th.

Apparently, there had been moves to trial a ‘real’ matt-paint for this car, but excessive cost meant that 3M paint-film was used instead (over a metallic-black basecoat).  From the press-release; ” The film is extremely durable, and is specifically designed to resist superficial marks and scratches in automotive applications.  In the event of damage to the bodywork, Ford dealers will be fully supported by a Europe-wide network of 3M agents who can replace the film on the affected panels.”…not sure if ‘damage’ includes attempting to polish it…

click for huge-res

Nice trade up from Darth’s current wheels;

Though possibly not as cool as the weekend runabout;


One comment

  1. jill · April 2, 2010

    proof if ever you needed that you have on e of the best jobs in the world!

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