Geneva – bits n pieces

Cyber-organic design language

Hyundai’s IFlow and Mercedes Benz’s F800; Both looked like something that would have been at home on the (virtual) set of Avatar. Elements of a taut, thin skin draped over an organic skeletal structure.

iFlow interior; the life aquatic..

F800; less dynamic, but a more chilled-out interior palette…

The iFlow – similar in concept, though in a more caricatured, extreme, possibly less refined way. Strange A-pillar, and overall a little busy, but good to see designers pushing the conservative sedan segment into more expressive territory. Unlikely anything in production will embrace this theme to this level, but will be interesting to see in particular how Mercedes weave a little more surface emotion into their forthcoming models.

Crunch time for Alfa..

Giulietta needs to sell well to prevent Alfa’s rumoured demise. Interior package not best-in-class, the high IP is not particularly sporting with some slightly flimsy materials, which in a class where the Golf dominates is possibly a problem. Exterior looks great though, with razor-sharp character lines, and less goofy front-end than the Mito.

Korean Progress

Most successful with SUVs, though hatchbacks becoming competitive. Kia Sportage particularly successful, Peter Schreyer’s influence clearly visible, a more coherent package than previous versions. Crisp lighting graphics, a chunky shoulder line, nicely-defined wheelarches, and a vaguely sporting profile.

Some high-quality brightwork too. Still not sure about the new bow-tie grille shape. But a good-looking cross-over. Like its pumped-up stance, reminds me of a high-top sneaker.

New Kia Optima much more refined and solid-looking than old model, even if it’s also wearing the same grille as its little brother..

Elements of new Saab 9-5 in the DLO?


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