Aston-Martin’s Cygnet; target customer found

Wandering around the Aston-Martin stand was this prospective customer, dressed entirely in the Aston’s upholstery…

On second thoughts, he might have been working the stand, taking orders.

I had a good look around the Cygnet, and left feeling confused. Beautifully constructed, with every millimetre covered in sumptuous hide and pleated leather, it nevertheless feels a little overworked. I’ve previously thought the Cygnet was a marketing masterstroke, but seeing the wee beastie in the flesh I’m starting to think it might end up being a freak-show oddity..and an expensive one at that – £30-50K…memories of the Panther Rio;

…a Triumph Dolomite rebuilt by coachbuilder Panther in the ’70’s and built with the Rolls-Royce owner in mind. Only 18 were built.


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