Geneva – Citroen SurVolt

Looking like an all-electric escapee out of GranTurismo 5, Citroen show their vision of a future B-car coupe. No reference made to the sur (above) GM Volt nomenclature, but I’m guessing Citroen’s marketeers are having an indulgent chuckle into their Prosecco this lunchtime…Good work chaps!

According to Citroen the SurVolt is  “A blend of high-fashion, extravagance and more than a hint of motor racing punch, SURVOLT takes the essence of Citroën’s REVOLTE concept – performance, cutting-edge technology and luxury – and adds an assertive sporting dimension into the mix.”

Basically, it’s a Revolte for the boys. I’m not mad about the rear spoiler but I love the concept of a 2-seater high performance coupe with hidden eco-credentials.

click for hi-res images


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