Jag XJ’s Little Black Dress

Jaguar have released an official ‘launch’ video for the new XJ, which consists of some surprisingly un-processed shots of the car being driven in Paris and surrounds.

As mentioned previously on this blog there was some debate over the dubious C-pillar cladding when the XJ had its first public airing, and there’s no doubt in my mind that taking them out of the equation with this black launch car is A-an acknowledgement from Jaguar that they’re aware of the issue, and B-proof that the XJ is incredibly colour-sensitive, and black works superbly.

Designers typically showcase new cars in silver; it’s very tonal for small surface changes, and great for light-catching features, but the XJ resolutely bucks the trend.  Black lends an air of authority to the surfacing, hides the distracting C-pillars, and tones down the bulk of the car – particularly the rear-end. This car basically needs a little black dress.

In contrast, Autocar had a silvery-white Supersport model on test. I’ll leave you to decide, but if I was in Jag’s colour+trim department I’d take this out of the mix…;

Trying too hard?…

Here’s the black for contrast;

I’ve still got a minor issue with how the grille and headlights appear to be melting down from the hood, which I’m guessing is pedestrian-impact driven, but overall it’s a triumph for Ian Callum’s team. Can’t wait to catch it in the flesh at Geneva.

Still images courtesy Autocar magazine


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