Mixed bag

Peugeot roll out their 508 concept, previewing the 408 (which replaces the slow-selling 407..) – and continue to distance themselves from the ‘gaping mouth’ period;

Take away the bling and there’s a handsome if fairly safe C/D-segment car here;

Looks like the rear-end still causes a few problems for Peugeot’s designers, but generally, sighs of relief all round;

It appears the designers have found a decent ‘refined elegance’ vein that they can tap, given the right direction. I have a feeling Peugeot are on the verge of making some pretty desirable cars.

Back to the Nissan Juke – I mentioned a 3dr sketch in a previous post. An admission – trawling through the available press info I came to the conclusion that when I saw this;

….my eyes tell me I’m seeing this;

No idea what the market is for a 3 dr sports-urban-SUV, but come on Nissan; make it quick enough, with decent cargo space, and a unique rear-end and I’d seriously consider laying down some dollar..


One comment

  1. davidb · February 18, 2010

    sorry about that! yes juke does look like a 3 door, nice sketch yes would be bettter than the standard model, i apologise.grill up front with the lights i can see the 206 and the cheap perspex covers…

    peugeot 5 looks like the poor mans am rapide, even down to the bling day light runners, will provide a comparison with the c5, tight lines but track a little narrow at rear. again drooping tail, not a good luck (does me bum look big in..) a cls is an answer for wrap around treatment, oh and just saw the new ds3, a stunner in yellow with floating roof, and again black / silver machined 5 spokes = sexy

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