Sacre Bleu!

Citroen ‘leaked’ pics of it’s DS High-Rider concept through CIA Facebook today;

Web-consensus would seem to be overwhelmingly positive, and SCRAMBLED concurs. With the proviso that a couple of the pics seem heavily photoshopped, so details such as the apparently-vinyl roof and some of the detailing may well be a little clearer at Geneva.

Second of the rumoured-3 DS models, the DS4 previews the C4 Focus-fighter, which is critical for Citroen as its volume seller. Looks like the DS-series are strictly 3dr, with the mainstream models that the DS previews coming in 5dr and wagon derivatives.

Liking this French mini-trend of a black wheel with machined-like silver detainling. Here’s the Renault Megane RS;

It’s a fine-looking hatch the DS4…a little of a chunky Megane about it – with elements from the 2008 Hypnos concept faithfully carried over; the sharply-defined rear wheel-arch, deeply-sculpted light-catcher along its flanks, and grille-framing signature lighting. As a devotee of metallic brown paintwork, the malty-yellow colour hits the spot too. Looks like the ‘premium’ trend is hotting-up!


One comment

  1. The Tarantulas · February 13, 2010

    Looks like a Scirocco ??

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