Trouble in Toyota town

The scandal surrounding Toyota’s accelerator ‘issue’ keeps, errr… accelerating. Not a good scenario for either customer or company, the problem and associated resolution are in danger of bankrupting the company, and possibly inflicting permanent damage to a once-flawless brand. Ford and Audi have had similar damaging scare-stories in the last 25 years, and survived, but the scale and seriousness of this particular problem is in a different league.

Leaving aside these minor problems…. instead, revel in the sheer beauty of undoubtedly Toyota’s most beautiful car. Designed by Count Albrecht Goertz in ’67, who left a pretty stunning legacy including Datsun’s Z-car and BMW’s 507, the 2000GT is possibly the most slinky, lithe, and downright sexy car ever made. Impossibly low and exquisitely proportioned, it manages to make the Jaguar E-type, its more famous contemporary, look ungainly and under-wheeled.

Click for hi-res…

Images copyright flickr/creativecommons



  1. Drew · February 5, 2010

    Hear hear for the good times at Toyota. I still have dreams of banging around some tropical island in the mythical 2000GT roadster, Yamaha 6 singing away under the hood and Aki sitting, cool as a cuce, by my side.

    • The Face · February 5, 2010

      Ahh…Aki. Connery didn’t quite cut it with a basin-cut and ‘tache, but Aki still looks ‘fine’. I think the car was a one-off topless version? Wonder if its on ebay somewhere.
      High-five for the typo!

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