Inside job

Alfa Romeo. The name tends to illicit one of two responses; either unreliable, temperamental cars prone to latin histrionics, or soulful dynamic antidotes to Germanic predictability. As an impartial Alfa owner (3rd and counting..) i’m loving the latest photos of their latest C-segment offering, the Giulietta. It’s worth remembering that this is up against the VW Golf…an impressive and well-built car, but one which has no distinguishing design flourishes and certainly appeals to a more rational consumer.

You can read the specs elsewhere but revel in these details…

Beautiful headlamp detailing..with signature LED stack..just don’t ask what a replacement costs;

Clearly Alfa intends to milk the 8C’s influence-why not, it’s a beautiful car.

Flamboyant rear LEDs…

Not sure about the square sat-nav growth but the rest looks stunning. The single body-coloured strip running across the IP is a first for Alfa;

The console shots below highlight the emotional vs rational contrast between Alfa and VW. The VW has a very consistent ‘solid’ theme, with minimal colour breaks, chunky gearshift and a calm, flowing feel. Very straightforward, nothing unexpected. The Giulietta, by contrast, looks highly technical, almost machined.. with metallic touch points and an emotive, retro gearstick. Whether you like it or not, it’s hard to deny that it looks like it’s from a more expensive car.

If Alfa can make this car drive as good as it looks they’re on to a winner.


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