Flying lunch break

Autocar magazine’s Steve Cropley was on site yesterday hosting a presentation; the magazine co-sponsored a competition to discover what today’s students think the next automotive revolution will be. Amongst the finalists some good stuff, the winning entry was the idea of in-wheel piezo-electric sensors that generate current as a vehicle’s wheel turns.

As a little perk for the winners we’d laid on a few test-track rides, which yours truly duly researched;

Been in a few quick cars in my time but the GT was neck-strainingly rapid. Sounded like a distant thunderstorm, kicked like a mule. Awesome.

They also had the original Escort Mexico rally car from 1971. The actual car from this snap…..the guy driving rang its neck, and to be fair it felt like being in a tin-can in a washing machine. This thing only had 220hp but it weighs about as much as my shoe, hence it felt and sounded seriously quick.

The guys running this event had pretty sweet jobs; they maintain Ford’s heritage collection of historic cars, take them around the world for shows and rallies, and drive them like they stole them.  Not a bad way to spend your retirement!



  1. geli · December 20, 2009

    and you call this work !

    best job ine world id do it for free…

    enjoy every day and make the most of your unique position

    • The Face · December 20, 2009

      Days like that are savoured, there’s a lot of ball-ache in between!

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