Gorgeous Ghost

Rolls-Royce’s new Ghost has been out for a while now. This is the Phantom’s smaller brother, though ‘small’ in RR-speak means it’s still over 5m long. I wasn’t that amazed with the initial shots of this car, but having seen the latest hi-res promo photos I think it’s a stunner. Yeah, I know it’s not exactly the future of Eco-motoring, but hey, variety is the spice of life.

Apparently there was a core theme of refined performance delivered in a manner designed ‘not to raise the pulse’ …which Ian Cameron the chief designer  translated perfectly into the incredibly calming exterior design. The simplicity of the bodyside is brave, there are no distracting swage lines to take your eye away from the mass of the car. There’s a subtle light-catcher groove that runs from behind the almost non-existent wheelarch down to the sill and along the bodyside… but that’s about it; it’s incredibly pure.

Love this rear-end shot – I think the combination of the contemporary (the integrated exhausts)  with classical elegance (the chrome detailing) works so well. It manages to look almost a little futuristic too, can’t explain that one, but it’s like something out of Batman!

Only thing I’m not 100% convinced about is the Aluminium-look bonnet/hood. Need to see it in the flesh. It adds fussiness in my opinion, but it’s possible that without it the Ghost would be too menacing for the customer base…bit too Mad-Max. I’m sure  someone’s going to get one of these things Matt-blacked..with tinted glass…



  1. gogo · December 14, 2009

    75 in the tail, but more refined, simplicity with lux. will AMS 1 and others such as sycowelll ditch their phantoms or add this to their garages/extensions i havent seeen a drophead so this is even rarer ?

  2. The Face · December 15, 2009

    Good point – are Cowell and Sugar-Daddy that interested in the driving? or more about the status of being driven in the biggest beast in the RR stable. …
    Yep – shades of the 75 in the rear for sure, with more muscle.

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