London Design Festival

Some random highlights from last week’s creative goings-on in town:


Nice virtual bird-cage from the USA…put a virtual hamster in it and it makes sense!

Apparently there are plans to develop an interactive version of this. Great, if they can get the price to a more reasonable level – this version costs $2200….ouch. But I like the idea here – it’s like a Tamagochi for grown-ups.


Horizon installation @ TENT


Tom Dixon’s empire in West London…with tasteful car-boot sale:



Some slightly limp furniture, with an excellent carpet-battle that caught my eye…


Slimline minimalism from Tom Dixon. A selection of Tokyo bikes were on display, particularly liked the matt metallic brown version, and a sweet flat-grey example. These bikes are a bargain – £360 in Tokyo, worth importing…watch this space.


Customised Peugeot with cheeky guard-dog….



Nissan East meets West @ their small but perfectly-formed studio in Paddington:



Apologies for the slack updates – lots of work traveling right now, and an imminent apartment move = tight timing. Normal-ish service hopefully resumed within a couple of weeks! Thanks for continuing to read and comment, any feedback is always appreciated.



  1. tiktok · October 2, 2009

    wow you packed a lot in, in a few days

    was this business or pleasure?

    • The Face · October 5, 2009

      Yeah i did 2 days with work – went to shed-load of shows, a mixed bag; some were good, some were a total let-down…must have walked about 10 miles! then on sunday went to Tent + Tom Dixon. Rewarding to not have an agenda and just let all the crazy ideas wash over you, some of the good stuff stays in the mind for poaching later on ; )

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