Fiat C Tree-Planters


The Fiat 500 C has taken over Montenapoleone, the famed fashion street of Milan. The street has 20 fiberglass replicas of the 500 C, all built on a 1:1 scale. It’s part of an installation called “Per fare un albero” (Create a tree) which is a joint effort by the city of Milan, Fiat, and designer Fabio Novembre. The objective is to bring together trees and cars, both of which are more or less diametrically opposite in the spectrum of urban spaces. No word on the duration of the installation;  I wonder if the cars remain pristine white? Nice canvas for some creative urban art…


Source: CoolHunter



  1. dictioni · August 26, 2009

    yep defo cool
    after being in MI for some considerable time
    the amount of graphiti is incredible

    give it a day and these will be sprayed, stickered, taged, great marketing stunt

    imagine that here, some one would nick the plants, trees, set the glass on fire- disgarded cig and probably dump it in a canal, nice thought though, better than the last attemp, the giant 500, or the tt BFG

  2. The Face · August 27, 2009

    Yeah – brave to leave them as blank canvases..maybe it’s a ruse to get some local art-flavour on them?
    You’re dead right though – they’d be trashed if this appeared in London – i guess they chose the exclusive street for that reason..

  3. anon · September 14, 2009

    hows it going, are you in iaa this week with Jeroen et al for the reveals / trends…

    • The Face · September 14, 2009

      Nein…only management approval for travel to Frankfurt this year, times is hard i guess. Sucks but hey, what can you do?!

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