Autobahn Alpine A310

Mid-week trip to Koln on b’iness. Highlight of an otherwise unremarkable 2 days was last-night’s autobahn thrash in the boss’s 1981 Renault Alpine A310.

Hidden in the depths of a labyrinthine underground car-park….


I haven’t seen one of these for a while, it’s still an amazingly aggressive little beastie and its form manages to look almost contemporary; only the scrappy detailing and generous cutlines let the side down….though that’s a bit unfair – the driver’s door was open in this shot 😉


Though weedy by today’s standards (150hp from the PRV V6), it weighs a bantam-weight 980kg, so feels pretty quick up to 100mph or so.


This shot shows either; a- How miniscule this car is, or b- how fat a Mondeo is…..or possibly both, but I couldn’t comment on that.



French Glam in underground Germany…




  1. mr anaon · July 28, 2009

    Incredible, if only every boss’s car was a design classic and not a Bedford rascal… who was driving ? chance of a lifetime

    • The Face · July 29, 2009

      unfortunately a- i could barely get my lanky-ass frame in the car, its tiny, and b- crashing the boss’s car might have been a career no-no! happy to be passenger 😉

  2. The Tarantulas · July 28, 2009

    Chaud-ness !

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