Alfa Romeo Milano via Facebook

Leaked images from the end of Alfa’s production have been posted on an up+coming network site called Facebook…they show the Alfa 147’s replacement to be a decent-looking C-segment hatch, with an opinion-dividing nose;





I can see where Alfa’s going with the 8C, Mito, and now the Milano’s wide-eyed look. And I think the grille treatment looks genuinely innovative – it breaks through an enormous front moulding, (which could make the car an interesting insurance prospect..) and it instantly seperates it from the usual C-segment fodder.

Not convinced about the rear-end though, definite shades of Renault’s Megane, and Vauxhall’s Astra here – not sure why they departed from the Mito’s Ferrari-esque circular lights. It appears that Alfa are keen to keep specific cues while ditching others across their car line. The interior is a case in point – nothing like any other Alfa from what I can see, which is great for diversity, but makes it difficult to pin down any evolving DNA.

I’ll withhold judgement though until decent pics appear, as a shaky camera-phone pic of a white car is about as unflattering as you can get; but it looks promising. Might have to trade in the 147!


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