RCA show 2009

It’s slim pickins this year folks, basically because I was given the ‘no photos allowed’ BS several times..where’s the love RCA?!

I’ve never really thought about why this could even be an issue before now. These guys are students. They need promotion. It’s a public exhibition! Pictures will appear on various ‘lucky’ websites who have permission. So without being bitter about it all I’ll say is that there are some great Interaction and Industrial design projects, and a couple of the Vehicle design projects were standouts…but overall it wasn’t a vintage vehicle design year, and the models were pushed into a much smaller space than last year. Not that great.

Here’s a cryptic shot of a beautifully made stone car called Halcyon, inspired by Owls, bizarrely enough…


So instead, here at FordMoCo we had a bring-your-own-cool-car-in day (not actually called that).

I used a neat little App on the iPhone called CameraBag to take some snaps. On first look this app rocks – £1.59 well spent! Check;









Favourite….Ratty Dodge Charger. mechanical/wheels/tyres – immaculate. Body + interior battered. I love the aged appearance of this beast. It looked like a properly used car. YeeHaa!





  1. mr anaon · July 2, 2009

    Wow what a pain at the rca , I would like to see this show
    and the models very much. your day at work sounds insane, a sort of g f o s at work day! awesome so some top managers in classic cars, young guys in 360’s awesome, get some more pics loaded onto a flicr or a webs ite – seriously cool i would like to see these please

    • The Face · July 2, 2009

      yeah, it’s always a great show – and there’s inspiring stuff there: ended up watching some short film about a dude with 4 arms! See what I can do about getting some stuff up on Flickr – cheers for the comments.

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