Royalty Free…

Surprised to see one of my very own renders gracing an uninspiringly-designed poster for the ‘How to Evaluate Car Design’ symposium, in Coventry last week. I guess as a Coventry Automotive graduate I signed something that said; ‘What happens in Coventry stays in Coventry’..but hey, a reference on the poster would have been nice.
So in lieu of that – I’ll do it myself;


There, done.



  1. The Tarantulas · June 10, 2009

    Nice render man – cheeky not to credit you but flattering I guess..

  2. ssssssssssss · June 12, 2009

    youstill alive and taking photos!

    where was the alfa?

    ae you working in the city?
    must be pi$sd with Cov………

    • The Face · June 15, 2009

      Alive + kicking! still working at Ford, outside London.
      Not pissed with Cov tbh but would’ve been nice if I at least got some credit on the poster…hard enough getting a break at the best of times!

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