Here comes the sun..

Lucky enough to have an evening in the top of the Gherkin on saturday night. Wowwowweewa! Awesome views across London, and for once – a beautiful day! Not quite NYC heights, but I guess because the majority of buildings are somewhat smaller the height difference seemed pretty impressive. From Canary Wharf across to Crystal Palace, and Westminster – all looked stunning. A quality way to spend a saturday night.

I can only apologise, on behalf of Apple computers, for a great phone that unfortunately has a shitty camera;



Last weekend checked out the Underdrome event at Camden Roundhouse;

“…created for 30 dancers plus a 100-strong choir, and bringing together visual artist-animator Michael England with set designers Block 9. The production also features an integrated soundtrack, mixed live by Zan Lyons, that juxtaposes material from Warp artists such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher with live electronic sounds and music performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra. A category-defying event that promises to turn the Roundhouse into a 21st-century fun palace.”



Weird, but cool.

Spotted on the way to work this morning – one of 5 Bristol Zagatos, in the world, remaining! ( I didn’t actually know that but that’s what Wikipedia says..) Insane, and the guy was caning it down commercial Road. Props to you, rich bloke, whoever you are.


Random pics from the last month or so….


Matt Berry – at The Scala


Scale model – King’s Cross


Squarepusher @SouthBank….


Sinister matt-black Porsche Cayenne…


Stolen-Space, Brick Lane…


Regents Park – all summery like….


Ashton Court estate nr. Bristol; loving the meditaranean palette…


Finally, discovered a great album on; Jaylib – Champion Sound…my retro sound of the Summer… Fresh! (in an old-skool way)




  1. The Tarantulas · June 2, 2009

    Welcome back to the blog foo ! Gherkin night looks awesome – better than sitting in watching BGT..

  2. The Face · June 2, 2009

    Thanks man, good to be back! Recorded BGT – car-crash TV of the highest order.

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