Watching the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics (got bored during the closing one…strangely enough you can have tooooo much precision marching) anyway, it reminded me of the competition to redesign a London bus here.. The official British handover was unfortunately a bit ‘weak’ after the scarily impressive Chinese, with a transforming London bus (gasp) and david beckham kicking a ball into the crowd…amazing. Unfortunately the bus bits that transformed didn’t retract meaning that some dude had to walk in front of the bus giving the driver hand signals – down a bit, left a bit…class.

Anyway, it’s a cool opportunity to design an icon. £25,000 up for grabs too…Personally I hope that the winning entry isn’t too retro – it’s nice to have some design heritage to fall back on but design can’t keep looking over its shoulder. If i get some time I’ll be entering and posting right here.

Now the actual games are over i’m bereft of sporting tv. At least we got more medals than the Aussies – bonus!

Loving The Streets new track ‘everything is borrowed’..was gonna post here but the youtube quality is well iffy, so seek it out.

Top CD purchase of the weekend; ‘Top Ranking’ SantoGold Diplo mash-up; LUSH

Also loving LastFM… it’s been around for a few years and now has evolved to be a tasty way to listen to and explore new music. Well worth checking out.

Slinkachu – bit slow on the uptake with this one; to the point where this was even in a newspaper today, but there’s something about these miniature installations that Slinkachu sets up that strangely takes me back to being a kid. Whatever, the guy’s got a crazy kinda old-fashioned vision;

check more here


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  1. bj head · September 11, 2008

    oi, bruv, first half of diplo – santogold is off da hook (specially ‘I’m a lady’ and ‘find a way’). santogold’s own album’s quite ‘eclectic’

    check out Girl Talk’s Feed the animals’ for some mashup mayhem.

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