Out of the medals

Just got told of my 4th place in the first CarDesignNews competition. Quite chuffed really, as had ‘many’ problems getting it done in time and to be honest the Alias model wasn’t really up to par…but i’m thinking that the concept was strong enough to pull it through. In particular the fabric ‘skin’ seems relevant what with the BMW Gina’s recent publicity. I’m going to tweak it slightly and render it to a better standard and will post here (honest!).

Went to London’s Southbank a week or so ago to see Vangelis’s soundtrack to Blade-Runner performed live by the London Symphony Orchestra….. ‘remixed’ by Massive-Attack.  Not much evidence of the remixing, but the music combined with some wicked lighting and surround-sound audio, was ‘lush’.

Outside was an installation of LED’s which respond to people’s proximity by changing colour and emitting weird sound effects. The idea being that a bunch of people can create a community sound, or something. Whatever, it bathed the southbank in some interesting evening light.

iphone pics – gotta say that despite some bad ‘iphone camera is crap’ stories, i’m still impressed by the quality of it:


One comment

  1. The Tarantulas · July 2, 2008

    Unlu-y foo – good effort for fourth spot richly deserved !

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