It lives! kinda..

A mixed bag – and a big apology for being remiss in keeping up the blog. All i can say is i’ve been struggling for time.

Firstly, just about finished my entry to the first-ever CarDesignNews design competition. To be honest, I’m disappointed not to have spent more time on the Alias model. I ended up rushing it and it shows…! Managed to get some renders done, but seeing as the main deal about the comp was the model I think i blew my chances :0 Still, really enjoyed the brief, and I might redo the car properly sometime. I think it has potential, well i would wouldn’t I…

Just back from a whistle-stop weekend in Manhattan. Did a Sunday am walk across the Brooklyn bridge and explored Williamsburg – great place, loads of crazy little clothes stores and the odd gallery. Met up with (almost didn’t) old pal Chris who took us to Big-Daddy’s diner for a top-shelf burger+shake combo; outstanding! Cheers fella.

A few NY piccies;

Jeff Koons on the Met roof;

Mad-Max on 5th Ave

Williamsburgh Ice-cream Sundae

Central_park casualty

Quite scary: think this is called Dadda-Japanese mythical super-hero…whatever, it gives me the fear..



  1. The Tarantulas · June 13, 2008

    Good to see a new post !! Where da piccies ?

  2. The Tarantulas · June 17, 2008

    Aha there da piccies ! Like the bike !

  3. The Tarantulas · June 17, 2008

    Couldn’t see the CDN renders on the PC for some reason – but lookin on Mac at work – very nice man !

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