To Infiniti and beyond.

An SUV described as ‘inspired by sports car design’ is usually an invitation see something hideous. And no, I didn’t mention the Cayenne…

The redesigned Inifiniti FX has broken cover and to be honest, I’m blown away. If this isn’t the best-looking SUV out there I’d like to know what is. The profile of the FX has always been rakish, almost dangerously sleek, but the new car mixes beautiful proportions with sensuous surfacing. This is the version coming to Europe this year. I think Range-Rover and Porsche dealers might be breaking into a sweaty rash sometime soon.
“2009 INFINITI FX50 — SUV INSPIRED BY SPORTS CAR DESIGN — All-New, iconic Infiniti FX50 Offers Power, Refinement, Safety and Exhilaration —

Already a strong contender in the United States and other global markets, the Infiniti FX performance luxury crossover SUV takes on Western Europe with an all-new, second-generation design featuring a newly developed 5.0-liter V8, 7-speed automatic transmission, enhanced exterior styling, advanced interior design and innovative technology and safety equipment.”

No apologies for the plentiful pics – I love this car.







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