Scirocco revisited.

Just reading some comments about the Scirocco on a few other sites. Seems this car’s grille and light graphics are a bone of contention. According to one poster on a UK car-magazine site, the reason for the drastic concept-production change is:

If I may remind you, the ScIROCco concept was shown while Wolfgang Bernhard was still in charge of VW and Murat Günak was the brand’s head of design. When Martin Winterkorn took over from Pischetsrieder and Bernhard he asked Audi head of design Walter de’ Silva to come along; every model that was in the pipeline at that point was reviewed by Winterkorn and de’ Silva, which spared us a hideous Phaeton facelift, but left the gravest traces on the Scirocco, whose design was deemed not ‘classy’ enough by the new management. Therefore we now have a car that’s lacking its main showpiece, namely its gaping front grille (as seen on the concept) and is therefore a clash of two different styles. And I stand by my word that it’s hard to tell what brand the car is from the outside without referring to the badge attached.’

….Probably impossible to prove, but it indeed would be a shame if politics had obscured an interesting concept from evolving into an equally interesting production car..


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