VW Scirocco Production

Ahead of Geneva, pics of VW’s new Scirocco have been circulating on the net. It’s a bold new direction for VW. db2008au00134_largea.jpg


So, somewhat disappointingly different from the concept, but still recognisably the same car.


Of note:

Totally new grille design for a VW – the straight horizontal from grille to bonnet/hood gives a slightly ‘flat’ feel to the front of the car. Looks a little like an afterthought….Markedly altered from the concept – seen as too Audi-like?

Rear 3/4 view is to my mind more successful. Retains the muscular feel of the concept, with the large offset from cabin to wheel.

Interesting to see what it’s like without the 18-19″ rims shown on the photo car..


One comment

  1. Alxart · March 26, 2008

    Yeah, I was a bit disapointed by the official release of this as a replacement for the Scirocco, it’s too GTI-like and not enough of a fastback, so I “fixed it” on my blog :P. Thanks for posting all these great designs!

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