GM baby

The new GM/Vauxhall/Opel Meriva is due to be launched in Geneva in a week or two.

Initially a sketch was leaked out as a tease:


Now a whole series of (small) pics are floating around the net. Apparently, rear suicide doors will make it into production (off the top of my head only the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Mini Clubman currently uses such a system). Definitely a relative of the Flextreme concept shown in Frankfurt last year, the Meriva has an almost one-box silhouette, very short overhangs, and a slightly muscular feel to its’ surface language. Definitely a thumbs-up from The Face.



The only slightly contentious issue is the kink in the beltline, seen in various Citroens of late….a minute detail you may think, but the similarities are striking;


Current Citroen Picasso:


Citroen’s own Sport lounge concept back in 2005 explored similar beltline kinks and, to be blunt I don’t think anyone yet has bettered this for a sporty people-carrier;


So, nothing ground-breaking with the Meriva, but a sharp-looking mini people-carrier. Hopefully I’ll be getting my mitts on some high-res snaps soon.


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