An ultra dynamic motorcycle
concept, combining motorcycle
engine technology, in a single
seat driving experience.

A truly visceral thrill




I saw the development story of this in Autocar magazine feature a couple of years ago, lusted after it, thought it would never see the light of day and forgot about it.

But now it looks like this beast is up and running! CHECK! An inspiration to any Automotive designers who want to do their own thing, the SUB company comprises three guys who cater for clients who want “individual specialised vehicles”. Personally, I love the impression that the body has been carved from a chunk of Aluminium. It’s a simple shape, uncluttered with mudguards, complex suspension, or extravagant styling. The colours enforce the “no-messing” attitude, with an almost military combination of flat-black, machined silver, and Gulf orange.

From their press-release: “Each individual brought a complementary skill set to the project. Smart is a designer, and fabricator whose resume includes work on the Aston Martin Vantage concept and the ultra-light weight Ariel Atom sports car. Brett’s background of Industrial design and his ten-year involvement in film and automotive concept vehicle construction lends the project his expertise in fabrication and program management. Mynott, a digital modeller, has an extensive background in automotive, product design and engineering and has worked on the construction of 6 concept and race vehicles within the last 4 years. The combination produced the expertise in design, modelling and build required for the project, the overlapping skills creating an effective team.”

from Serious Wheels


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