Something Old, Something New

Something about the fact that Kitt is a Mustang seems like a missed trick to me. Back in the 80’s when the original show aired, Kitt was a futuristic, menacing, and cool piece of kit..can’t believe i’m describing a Pontiac Trans-Am as futuristic, but hey, when your parents tooled around in a boxy Peugeot looked positively exotic.

So, fast-forward 25 years, and we’ve got the Mustang. A very cool car, and a very slick make-over. But the Mustang is a car that has its’ roots back in the 1960’s.

Scrambled’s solution: Pimp a GM Volt (I was thinking a Prius, but that’s not gonna work..), GM’s forthcoming plug-in hybrid car; something a little bit exotic, a little bit enviro, and it still looks cool.


In the meantime, check old vs. new intros….the music on the new might offend anyone with taste..


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