Christmas – Scrambled style

Dear Santa, it’s been a strange old year. I’ve been a really good boy. So good, in fact, that i have a few extra things I’d like. Here’s some pies to chomp on while you make a note of what I want.


A Wacom Cintiq 21UX. cos much as i like to scratch my pen on a bit of paper, this is the future;

A Tramontana. Some crazy car from Spain. 700Hp. Aero-grade materials. And £300K…..bugger.


Adidas americana – Halloween ltd edition.


A Dodge Charger. Yeah, it’s more retro design. But as mentioned in a previous post, when it’s this good it doesn’t matter what ‘school’ of design is going on. And get this; at current exchange rates this thing costs £18K. What would you rather – a Mondeo 1.8Lx, or one of these? Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Santa!


A Jaguar XF. Not initially a fan of Ian Callum’s work on this critical-for-Jag design. Saw it in the flesh in Frankfurt and still wasn’t convinced. Seeing it in a dark colour though, it starts to make sense.


And the interior rocks.

Some of Hydro 74’s talent. This guy has some serious illustration skills..


And an iPhone. I’ve got to be honest, though i love Apple’s gear, i’m not keen on the fact that design obsolescence kicks in after only a year or so…but hey, seeing as this is a present, I’ll let it go.


Oh, and the O2 contract.

Nice one Santa.

To any readers – have a great one and a fantastic NewYear. Check back early in 2008 for some new ‘news’.


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