Back to the future

Looking at some interior trends recently for a project I’ve got to do; seems the Knight-Rider theme is well and truly alive. The Lamborghini Reventon launched at Frankfurt has an almost caricatured instrument style, making it absolutely clear to everyone that it was influenced by stealth-fighter design..this is in-your-face design. sweet. Proof that the generation that grew up with Pacman and Asteroids is now pulling the strings!

The Nissan GT-R on the other hand, has a much more conventional (and useable) interior, but hides some far more serious hardware behind its multi-function dash display. This was already on the previous model Skyline but here there looks to be some serious ‘playing’ potential. Outstanding. Intrigued by the ‘carwings‘ button…


just saw this on cardesignnews; Nissan Mixim’s interior, (which I slagged off at Frankfurt ‘cos the exterior looks a bit bulldog chewing a thistle to me) which takes the fighter-jet feel to a another level. I love it, possibly a little distracting on the commute, but this is cool-


Check out 50-cent’s latest contribution to the automtive world. He’s put his name to this tricked-out Pontiac G8 (Vauxhall Monaro here in the UK)..but apart from some chrome rims I’m struggling to see the bling;


ahh..i see; it’s all in the floor-mats. Cool. io


While I’m on the Reventon, I’m just gonna blow my own trumpet here; I did a report for CarDesignNews back in January about design trends at the Detroit autoshow. Stuck my neck out and predicted that metallic brown would be the next colour of choice..”Perhaps a nostalgic nod to some 1970s hues, or simply designers having fun with colour, expect to see some earthy browns on a street near you in the future.”….


now that’s what i’m talkin’ about!I knew i was ahead of the game with my brown vauxhall chevette back in ’94 (BAPD rules)

Been re-Aliasing a couple of old models. Trying to speed it up – here’s my final MA project re-surfaced. Still got a few funky highlights here and there but hey, I’ll share it with you anyway;



One comment

  1. The Tarantulas · November 2, 2007

    Nissan Interior – look almost like Batmobile – DAMN

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