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It’s been a while, so muchos apoligas if anyone has been looking at this silent page. Going to attempt to get back on it for a while with various posts of dubious interest.

Been attempting to speed up Alias skills with a 2 day project. Came up with this lightweight eco-sportser with the weekend-racer in mind.




Saw the sneak-preview pics of the Nissan GT-R (not skyline anymore) and am thinking that this is a very tasty bit of kit. The rear-end in particular is a masterpiece of aggressive detailing set on a subtley faceted surface. Though if I’m nitpicking the central strut that supports the spoiler looks like a last-minute thing;


Funny thing about concept cars these days though; most of them seem to be pre-production tasters several years in advance, not really way-out thinking, so by the time they’re in production we’ve been aware of them for a while. kind of kills the element of surprise. So a few years back we got this from Nissan;

10/10 yes please..


then a couple of years later we got this;
9/10 hmm..i’ll still have one


and now the real thing;

8/10 I’m still loving it but what happened to the decadent headlight stack from the original concept??


Be interested to hear why they went back on this feature. Too aggressive? Not manufacturable? Did management lose their bottle?

Alfa just launched the 8C Competizione which they somehow managed to make sexier than the original concept so it can be done;



Production.. drool. £108,000 though.





  1. The Tarantulas · October 23, 2007

    Nice ! ..but where’s the Virgin Megastore joyrider ?

  2. alias beginner · October 23, 2007

    hey there well done on winning the awrds
    did this lead to any job offers or opp’s

    which software have you rendered the racer in?
    becasuse they have nice rendering and shadows

    keep updating this man i like the works
    keep me motivated to keep drawing cars

  3. The Face · October 28, 2007

    Virgin megastore rider is ‘gold-dust’! will be pulled out when needed.

    aliasman; thanks for the comments. will do my best!
    no direct job-offers as yet, still applications. got a couple of ‘potentials’ in the bag, but it’s a hard slog. my only advice at this stage would be to get networking and have some stand-out portfolio stuff as there are a LOT of talented people out there looking for the same job you want!
    Alias studio tools. slow but good. will post some more v.soon.

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