So if anyone’s still out there ?!! have been slow getting anything posted on this site for a while, mainly due to efforts expended in other more pressing areas…ie. getting a job. But, an update on the Rebel story;

We flew to Frankfurt last Tuesday for the InteriorMotives design awards. Tue pm was the Designer’s night, the regular pre-motor-show designer’s networking event. Held in the University Casino building, it was a packed house. After getting seriously lost we made it in time for aperetifs and canapes-bonus! As this event is a non-official one no-one has a name badge, making cold introductions an interesting experience. Some you win, some you lose. Still, met a number of people and had a large hangover to prove how much I enjoyed the night.

Wednesday was awards night, so what better way to relax prior than a trip to the zoo? Despite not really liking the whole ‘locking the animals up’ scenario, Frankfurt has a cracking zoo; excellent monkey house, and a spooky ‘nocturnal’ section. All dark.
So the awards were held in the Cocoon club, an awesome venue. One of the best club interiors I’ve ever been in, with wall-pods, a crazy dj-stage, and a general retro-futurist feel. Lots of people attended, I’m guessing 2-300. Sven Vath on the decks. Some QVC dude mc-ing. A chance to talk to some familiar faces and some new prior to the ceremony. We were pretty surprised to be shortlisted in 3 categories, best personalisation, best lifestyle interior, and best ambient lighting. Only two other finalists were shortlisted for 2 categories, so we thought we had a pretty decent chance. Got to say the general standard was pretty high – some very nice renderings and some great ideas. The tension!

First category; ambient lighting – no dice.

Second category; lifestyle – result, it’s a win!

Third category; personalisation – the double!

Overall winner; close, but not tonight. Let’s not be greedy…


So, a good haul and we were all really happy to win the categories. The judges, apparently, were very impressed with the project. Talked to some Mazda, Ford, and VW people about it too, all liked the simplicity and relevance of the project, and some had some very good suggestions for improvements and enhancements.

Motorshow; insane. Too big, really. Enormous. Anyway, some good stuff on display, but there are plenty of sites with great Motorshow coverage. So here’s a Rebel take;

Renault concept; interesting. A little too rounded for my tastes, but great interior.



hmmmmm…seen that blue wheel thing somewhere before…


Nissan Mixim…..I could only take one picture before illness came over me…sorry but this is wrong.


GM Flextreme – segway storage in the boot/trunk. Running woman optional.

Nicest rear-end on show; Renault Laguna coupe


So, thanks for coming on this ride. It’s been an interesting experience documenting this project from start to finish, with a few deviations on the way. I hope it might have been interesting to someone or other, I definitely enjoyed it. There are a few things in the pipeline which I’ll post if they take off…but for now, Ciao.

PS – take a look at my portfolio website; home-made and simple but gets the point across;


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