Mixed nuts

No doubt you might have heard about the London 2012 Olympics logo outrage (£450K, caused epileptics to have fits while watching the commercials – allegedly). Can’t say I’m down ‘wid the kids’ about the current fascination with lairy graphics, 80’s-retro flourescent colours and fakey punk stuff…but whatever, the real crazy thing is that by the year 2012 the trend will be way over….does anyone really think this logo is timeless?



I think the concept behind a ratbike is a home-modified mish-mash bike; push or motor. Not entirely sure, but I have to say Mad Max blew me away as a teenager, so there’s something I’m liking about these renegade warriors. I certainly wouldn’t argue with a dude riding this….


This badboy lost its seat somewhere…


While this one is plain evil..


Fiat 500 Abarth

Infomotori.com let someone loose on the rumored Abarth version of the Fiat 500. Here’s the actual bog-standard version, cute but i’m sure will appeal to women more than men:


Here’s the photoshop tweaked Abarth;

Dodge ‘Fantastic4’

art_20223_2_fantasticar_01.jpg art_20223_2_fantasticar_02.jpg

Citroen C9


Barcelona rude-rider
This rudeboy bidnessman rocked the pavement, one-handed, on his easy-rider in Barcelona;


I know this is kinda old news but this toy cracks me up;


Driving back from somewhere random recently i saw the Brooklands racing track, with Mercedes-Benz World next to it….had a butchers….apart from the faint aura of tarted-up showroom this place was cool. Amongst the exhibits were;

-this tasty lineup of Mercs;


-this aerodynamic buck from the 300SL-based racingcar;


-and this outrageous 600Pullman, owned by Dictators and rockstars alike;


About time chrome made a comeback!

Alas, someone just bought the beast…..It will be sadly missed..



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