RCA v2.0

Some more pics from the RCA show;

The inspiration for the form language on this car came from rainforest-inhabiting frogs, with their padded ‘fingers’ referenced by the wheel supports.


This grew on me – in profile the funky sneaker shape is appealing, the window cutouts are novel, and despite the colour scheme it manages to look organic and approachable. I like.

This beastie was in the product-design area, and has a patent pending for a new method to ‘fold’ metal panels along pre-determined paths. You be the judge;


To give you an idea of the diversity on show in the Transport design section there was also –

A full-scale taxi / personal-transport helicopter inspired by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World vision of Utopia;


This dhow/trade ship for developing markets that was nicely detailed;


and this car that takes the ‘inside-out’ approach to structure and surfaces;




  1. car design student 4th yearr · June 22, 2007

    hey there some great models our exhibition is coming to the big london very soon look out london
    maybe on the same par as the ma vehicle design? we will shortly see!!!

  2. The Face · June 22, 2007

    sounds intriguing – is this part of the free-range exhibition? When and where?

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