The King

Coy’s are holding an auction at Blenheim Palace on July14th, where, amongst the Porsches and the Rolls, this beast will be for sale;


Expected to raise £75 -90K ($145K+)….

The man who designed and built this work of art is Jay Ohrberg who had an illustrious career making cars for films and tv. I would officially like to doff my hat to the man who brought us;

The General Lee..


Mr. T’s weapon of choice..


And Kitt, the Hoff’s classy ride..

There were some lapses of taste now and then in Jay’s workshop;


But he know he nice;


Popped into the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane the other night to see the CharmingBaker show. Strangely amusing 1950’s kitsch art, or just kitsch?


“Beware trying to impress memebers of the opposite sex”


“Hole punch” geddit?!

Automotive Crime – 4

Is this some kind of plastic nightmare that i had?


The best part are the badges – wonder if Ferrari’s lawyer’s have seen this challenger to the prancing horse?…or, wait…is this Ferrari’s new urban hybrid?..



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