Sunday Roast

Just watched the Canadian Grand-Prix, the boy Hamilton wins and is looking good for the 2007 World Champion; wish I’d put 50quid on him at the start of the year….

LeMans next weekend. Main competition is between the Peugeots and the Audis; both running diesel engines. I bored my US colleagues to tears several years ago whingeing on about how diesels were the future in America, and having LeMans winners powered by diesel can’t hurt their cause. These top-dog cars have evolved to such an extent that they’re now almost shrink-wrapped around the functional components. I can’t believe the open-topped Audi is aerodynamically sound with that huge hole cutout for the driver, but it’s obviously working.

I’m predicting Peugeot 1st, Audi 2nd and 3rd..

Scion have revamped their website with some cool tricked-out models to show, i think, the idea that their cars can be totally personalised. I know Scion offer a bunch of very cool add-ons for their cars but I don’t think they’re doing the graphic options shown here – yet;

my fav;

Here’s a cool Russian site; They give you a basic 3D VW campervan to modify with graffiti templates, spray-paint, stripes etc etc. Some people have obviously got some skill when it comes to this;

I, on the other hand, could do with some practice!

Random sketching – Audi front, Alfa rear-end; an Alfi


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